Advanced Dental Technology

We would like to familiarize you with the dental technology offered at West Avenue Family Dentistry!

Digital X-Rays

At West Avenue Family Dentistry we offer digital x-rays to our patients. It is a fact that digital imaging x-rays result in 90% less radiation than conventional x-rays. Digital x-rays are safe for both our patients and also for the environment. Digital x-rays allow Dr. Kaczaj to advance her quality of care for her patients.

Intraoral Camera - SOPROLIFE

An intraoral camera is a tool which Dr. Kaczaj uses in the patients mouth during her dental examination. The intraoral camera we use is called SOPROLIFE. This camera takes an image which the patient can see on a screen. This allows the patient to see exactly what we see during a dental examination!

Dr. Kaczaj is able to detect and diagnose tooth decay at different stages .This in turn allows her to formulate a treatment plan for her patient.


Piezo Ultrasonic Cleaner

Dr. Kaczaj utilizes a Piezo Ultrasonic cleaner in her practice to clean teeth. This ultrasonic cleaner offers our patients a more advanced and comfortable cleaning and experience. Our patients can be confident that they will have a dental cleaning of the highest quality in order that we may deliver the results we want for our patients!

You will love your beautiful smile after your spectacular cleaning in Dr. Kaczaj's office!

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